All About Auto Care

Most of us don’t really understand how to take care of our vehicle. We wash it, we vacuum it and we put gas in it. We might even visit our local auto shop to get an oil change a few times a year. Want to get better acquainted with your car, truck or SUV and take care of your investment? There are a few things you can do to keep things in shape.

First, read your owner’s manual. At least try to develop a maintenance schedule based on the manual’s suggestions. Tires, for example, should be rotated every several thousand miles, but most only need to be replaced several years. Again, this depends on your driving habits and specific make and model. Research your best four-wheeled friend and get to know what the best laid plans for care are.

Now to the actual upkeep: tire rotation can be examined first. Since your front and rear tires experience different wear patterns, you will need to rotate so one tire doesn’t go bald years before the other ones do. Regular rotation according to your car’s guidebook will help them wear evenly and therefore ensure longer tire life. read more about the Auto Care.

Next, perform an oil change every several thousand miles; check your car’s manual for the suggested mileage at which to perform this task. Your car needs fresh, clean oil in order to lubricate the engine. Leaving the same oil in your vehicle is a great way to ensure that your parts are worn down and the engine breaks down. It is important that you research the effect of driving in different environments, increments, distances and other factors when determining how often to change oil and what type to use. Also, don’t throw used oil in your yard or anywhere but a storage container; oil can be recycled.

Fuel filters are extremely important, but only need to be changed out every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or so. Again, please check your owner’s guide; vehicles that drive in very clean areas may only need to have a filter change every 15,000 while those who live in dusty areas or use their vehicle in construction zones may want to replace it much sooner than that. The purpose of this filter is to keep debris and other funk out of your fuel system. Not changing this could lead to fuel pump failure.

Another important filter is the air filter. For the average driver, these can be replaced every year or so. These filter air used by the engine. A small pinch of dirt is equivalent to thousands of miles of driving—therefore wear—on your engine. Keeping a clean air filter in your automobile also saves the driver money on gas. The recommended change times for this part vary wildly, so check your manual. If it makes you feel better, try checking it every time you change your oil.